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Reference documents

Discover the Antwerp Declaration’s key messages and references as taken up in EU Official documents

European Council Strategic Agenda 2024-2029

European Council |27 June 2024

European Council Conclusions: 27 June 2024

European Council|27 June 2024

European Council Conclusions: new European Competitiveness Deal

European Council|17-18 APRIL 2024

European Council Conclusions: A competitive European industry driving our green, digital and resilient future

European Council|24 MAY, 2024

European Council Conclusions: A Single Market for the benefit of all

European Council|24 May, 2024

The Clean Transition Dialogues - stocktaking A strong European industry for a sustainable Europe

European Commission|10 APRIL 2024

France, Italy and Germany call to foster the development of green and digital technologies to enhance European Competitiveness and Productivity

Member States|8 APRIL 2024

France, Netherlands, Ireland, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia, and Romania support for a European Carbon Policy Package

Member States|22 May 2024

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